Success Stories

I have been to many physical therapy clinics and there is NO comparison! The entire staff has helped me surpass my goals and reach a point in my rehabilitation that I never expected. I recommend INSHAPE Physical Therapy to everyone!

Linda P.

I was able to get in the pool easily and walk on the underwater treadmill with less pain. My cardiologist advised me to keep walking in the water because it was helping my heart. The staff is like family and I love them.

Veterie S.

PT was an awesome experience at INSHAPE. I have great improvement in strength and flexibility. I left my treatments feeling motivated and educated in continuing with the materials I was given. I couldn’t have gotten a better team of strong and smart women of faith to help me on my endeavor of self-improvement.

Diane M.

INSHAPE PT saved me! This experience was far superior to my previous PTexperiences at other clinics. Great organization from top to bottom!

Mary M.

Without INSHAPE my issues would not have been identified or effectively treated. The INSHAPE team is great!

Randy M.

My experience at INSHAPE has been so much better than any other physical therapy office. They give everyone individualized care one-on-one for an hour. I love the pool! I can move freely and walk on the underwater treadmill with no pain my hips or knees, and I can watch the video on TV to make sure I am walking properly. I have specific feedback to make sure I am doing each exercise properly. I love the “Nail it to the Cross” theory where I release negativity and focus on positivity!

Ree M.

The staff is unbelievably thorough, loving and kind during my four weeks of therapy.

Morris B.

The laser helped my shoulder pain go away in minutes! It also felt great to move my shoulders in the warm water pool with less pain” Arline K.

INSHAPE was an answer to my prayers! They have the latest and best equipment and I was able to walk pain-free on the anti-gravity treadmill and get back to 100%. I was really walking on air! Patients are treated with love and laughter to guarantee that you will feel better inside and out. I recommend INSHAPE to every doctor and to everyone I know.

Carole M.

I could not believe how good it felt to walk in water. I could see on the camera that I was favoring one leg and I was able to correct it and walk properly without pain.

Joyce G.

The physical therapy I have received at INSHAPE has been an answer to prayer. The kind and professional therapists who have helped me have enhanced my physical and emotional health. I would certainly encourage anyone in need of PT to choose this facility.

Barbara S.

I have had wonderful therapists that totally devoted their time to me. I would recommend INSHAPE to anyone!

Janet H.

Dry Needling has helped my back pain so much! I have a lot less tightness and I feel more relaxed than I have felt in years!

Donna R.

The laser and hands-on treatments have really improved my neck! I can turn my head more now than I have in years!